This Bundle Will Prepare You to Ace the Latest CompTIA Exams

It’s no secret that some of the most exciting and high-paying careers on Earth are in IT. What’s less known, however, is that the subcategory of IT security and server protection is where more and more tech professionals are finding the best work, due in large part to an increasingly large number of cyber attacks aimed at major corporations and government entities alike.

And while the pay is outstanding and the opportunities for advancement are abundant, competition for these coveted positions is growing fierce. To stand out from the crowd, you need to prove you have what it takes to work confidently and thoroughly with a wide range of security platforms. The ever-popular 2018 CompTIA Security Certification Bundle will prep you for three of the most respected certification exams in the business, and the entire bundle is on sale for just $29.

With three courses spanning over 200 lessons and 57 hours of content, this bundle is your one-stop resource to preparing for the CompTIA Security+, Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+), and CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) certification exams. Each of these certifications opens up numerous opportunities for advancement and gives your resume an undeniable lift.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is considered a benchmark for best practices in IT security—showing current and potential employers that you’re able to work with foundational and vendor-neutral IT platforms. The CompTIA CSA+ certification allows you to work internationally in a plethora of cybersecurity environments, by proving you have what it takes to prevent, detect, and combat major threats. Finally, your CASP certification will demonstrate that you’re able to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure Internet and data solutions that keep companies and governments safe.

Don’t miss out on the most exciting and lucrative positions in IT just because you lack the proper certifications. The 2018 CompTIA Security Certification Bundle will get you to where you need to be, and it’s on sale for over 95% off at just $29.

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