Learn About Raspberry Pi, Neuroscience, and More With This Scientific Essentials Bundle

In many ways, your brain acts like a muscle. In order to stay fit, it has to be exercised on a regular basis—meaning that frequently exposing yourself to new information and challenging ideas is crucial.

Few fields contain more fascinating and challenging topics than the sciences, and the Scientific Essentials Bundle contains 41 hours of content that covers some of the most important and interesting trends in science—all for just $35.

Far too many people have let their oftentimes understandable aversion to high school science dissuade them from learning about physics and engineering as adults, which is too bad, since having a general knowledge of how these many other intimidating sciences work is essential if you’re truly curious about the world and want to learn how it functions.

The seven courses in this bundle will introduce you to everything from the Internet of Things revolution that’s driving technology, to the mechanics of how your car actually functions and beyond.

You’ll learn how to build a series of projects with Raspberry Pi, explore the fundamentals of neuroscience and psychology that have led to every decision you’ve ever made, uncover the history of science through 25 crucial experiments that have changed the course of history, learn how to work with the formal techniques that drive game theory, and much more.

There’s even a module that introduces you to economics—so you’ll be able to better understand the microeconomic forces that drive everyday life and impact your financial well-being (for better or worse).

Feed your mind by learning about how the world functions with the Scientific Essentials Bundle for just $35—over 90% off its usual price.

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