This Best-Selling Stealth Drone Is Available at Black Friday Pricing Today Only

The drone revolution has finally arrived, and thankfully it’s not nearly as terrifying as most people anticipated. Instead of hoards of killer drones flying about bent on human destruction, we have far more friendly, personal drones that can pull off impressive mid-air tricks and capture stunning images of surrounding scenery.

But not all drones are created equal, and when it comes to maneuverability, style, and function, nothing beats the Fader Stealth Drone—a remarkably small-yet-powerful drone that can pull off an impressive number of stunts while recording HD footage with a front-end camera. And for a very limited time, this intrepid drone's cost has been dropped to Black Friday pricing, from $129 to just $49 for a very limited time.

Ideal for elite pilots who want to have ultimate control over every aspect of their drone’s flight, the Fader Stealth Drone is equally suited for more novice pilots—thanks to a series of auto flight control options that make it easy to execute everything from tight turns to in-air backflips.

This drone is ready to fly straight out of the box and is loaded with a set of advanced features that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

It’s incredibly lightweight, and features a six-axis gyro module for ultimate stability, along with an HD camera that records incredible 720p views in real-time.

This drone also comes with a wide range of auto control options—including take-off and land, altitude hold, and “ready to fly” mode—which make it easy to become aquatinted with everything that this flying machine can do. There are even LED lights that allow for night flights.

Give yourself or that aeronautics enthusiast in your family the gift of flight with the Fader Stealth Drone for over 60% off at just $49 for a limited time, thanks to this early Black Friday deal. Don't miss it!

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